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Behind the Corporations: Manson-Gifford - Celestial Games

In this second “Behind the Corporations”, we take a look at one of the more aesthetically-inclined manufacturers in the BAD universe…


Location: Britain

Sector: Research and Exploration

Manson-Gifford takes its design quest from British vehicle manufacturers like Bentley and Roles Royce. Elegant curves and soft colors are core design tenets for the drones built by Manson-Gifford.

Under the hood, Manson-Gifford builds sophisticated machines that can explore deep space or even the darkest oceans. One such drone is the Laguna, aka “Sharky”. The Laguna was built for deep ocean and deep gas atmospheric exploration.

Ongoing design

This is of course still a work in progress; each drone requires a backstory and design: reasons that explain its features, as well as a distinctly identifiable vision when most of its panels have been blasted off. We will continue to work to create the vision and identity of everything in the BAD world. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we have enjoyed the process of building them!