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Behind the Corporations: MUSK Industries - Celestial Games

The history of the drones in the BAD universe is diverse. Built for everything from industrial work to urban pacification, the drones were designed to penetrate any building designed for human use. This makes them able to move wherever we would do the jobs we might have done, or hunt down a reclusive criminal. The drone types used in the combat sport of BAD have been refitted to operate within the arena rules, and of course are as glossy and shiny as possible. In some ways they reflect the obsession some have with muscle cars: glossy paneling, and under the hood there’s just hard machinery.

BAD features several manufacturers that each bring their own style to the drones, which helps us define the concepts further. Here’s a quick look at one of the manufacturers in BAD.

MUSK Industries


Location: USA

Sector: Civil Engineering

MUSK industries is inspired by the real-world company CAT: building industrial drones for digging, welding, moving, and general engineering solutions. Below is the Duzzy, a general purpose drone that was fitted with various engineering tools. Repurposed in the Arena as a tough little drone with a backup shield and decent speed and turn rates, the Duzzy has been designed as a good starting drone to give players an opportunity to learn the ropes.