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Welcome back to BAD Sundays. (finally - sigh!) - Celestial Games

BAD Sundays are about to start again. We just took far too long to reach this point. Apologies to all our beta testers and a huge thank you for your patience. We hope you find the changes positive and well worth the wait.

Game dev is hard, but more specifically, game dev when you are not full time is really hard. The delays are mostly because of my time being unavailable up until now. Now, I am full time on the project and no longer holding back the rest of the team. We anticipate progressing much faster now.

BAD Sundays

We are excited to be at beta testing phase with the game, and have our road map leading to early access release in October. So here is some of what we have changed since rAge last year:

Visit the facebook event for more information.


The entire server technology had to be rebuilt; changes to how it works were critical to the changes we need for turning BAD into a full-on e-sport. This was also needed because the spectator mode and other such features were just not possible in the technology we were using.

We are excited as this is all our own technology now. We can completely control and customize the server.

Currently the beta server is being hosted in Johannesburg. Latency is really low (well with 4 players, we are going to find out how good it is once we start testing with your assistance!)


The asteroid level has been rebuilt in the new style of the game. The structure is still similar to the original structure of the asteroid, but it has a completely new look to it. Space is a little tighter, and there is still a need to do a lighting and color review of this level, so you can expect changes as BAD Sundays progress.


We still have the same 3 drones from last rAge, but with some enhancements. The shields have been reworked to be more interesting (visually- this is still a work in progress) and the drones each start with a fixed left weapon while possible right weapons are collectible at various weapon stations throughout the level.


We have 4 more drones that will be introduced before early access. Each with a unique style and basic skill.


We will email the download link to all the people in the beta testing program. If you are keen to join, visit http://www.battlearenadrones.com. For now, the servers are here in South Africa. With this in mind, we are mainly looking for people in South Africa to play… just until we have our server set up globally.


With all that said my coffee is finished. Time to make some more … see you all online.