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BAD - Battle Arena Drones - Celestial Games

What is BAD (Battle Arena Drones)?

Strap in and pilot an aerial combat drone in this futuristic first-person arena shooter. Six Degrees of Freedom means opponents could attack from any angle, retreat when you least expect it, and lay cunning ambushes against the unwary.

BAD is Celestial Games’ current project, and at present is in early alpha. While most hardcore gamers in the late ’90s were getting to grips with a new wave of first-person shooters with Quake, we were mastering the art of free-flying combat in Descent II‘s multiplayer mode. Countless hours of network-linked mayhem taught us one of the most important fundamentals of airborne multiplayer: there is no ground.

That inspiration has been carried through the decades to today, with Battle Arena Drones. BAD is a fast-paced action shooter with a focus on arena-based multiplayer combat, community development, and eSports elements. It features multiple gameplay modes, but never sacrifices its goal of high-speed, gravity-free action.


Play in global and local tournaments, or just with friends. Play solo or in teams, against human or AI opponents. Go for free-for-all chaos or controlled strategic team-based gameplay.


BAD features multiple AI personalities, each bringing its own style and difficulty to the game. AIs don’t just offer levels of immediate challenge, but behave in very different ways, forcing players to learn their strategies and adapt, in much the same way as you’d have to against a human opponent.


With BAD, we want players to build, run, and manage their own communities. We give you the tools to plan tournaments and track your ranking on a global or local scale. Or put together your ultimate team and play in either social or ranked tournaments. Whether you’re a casual player looking to blast a few drones on a Sunday afternoon or a hardcore team looking to make it on an international scale, BAD has something for you.

BAD is currently in early alpha development, but here is a selection of pre-alpha screenshots for you to enjoy now!