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Artifacts Multiple killing

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    Hi glad I could join this Sunday.
    I just had a few Issues today which include:

    • I was killed by myself
    • I was killed by two people/bots simultaneously
    • I had artifacts of the beam weapon staying behind even in a new match
    • There was instances where there was no drones to choose from only a countdown
    • After a match it sometimes did the above as well while still viewing the leaderboard
    • My friend’s(Andre) game crashed while in a match, we couldn’t find anything in event viewer
    • The initial spawning is definitely not fair, everybody gets spawn killed except the devs

    We really appreciate all the effort put into the new GUI, being able to see the shield and health status was really beneficial. Overall the new interface works great and is easy to use. The timer and overall ranking of players was really nice touch. We hope we can help in the further development of the game, and will be really happy if you manage to make BAD an esports game. We look forward to further testing the game and hope to provide valuable feedback.

    Megladon & Andre

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    Hi Megladon & Andre.

    Thank you for taking part today and for the feedback it’s extremely valuable to us.

    We noticed a few of the technical issues you mentioned too. As well as server others.

    In your folder C:\Program Files (x86)\BattleArenaDrones\base\app you will find a few crash folders with the date if possible please zip those up and attach here. We could really use that data.

    Thanks for the encouragement we certainly going to make every effort to make BAD the best esport we can.

    We hope to have many more improvements by BAD Sunday 19 we look forward to seeing you next weekend again.




    hey Megladon & Andre,

    Thanks for the feedback and for playing.
    The spawning was seriously broken, sorry about that. But just to let you know I was not cheating 😛 the duzzy’s spacebar ability is a super shield, I used that to survive the spawn-madness

    Hope to see you guys next week! Keep strafing!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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