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    Hello again BAD people,
    Feedback :
    * There was a problem where we found a game and someone refused to pick a drone so we just sat around for like 5 minutes until I decided to quit the game and try to find another match. So I think we need some sort of a time period like Dota where after 30 seconds the game just picks a drone for you.

    * I felt like the Rail gun needs to have more damage but a longer cooldown. So there is more of a risk/reward effect involved.

    * We need a new explosion effect for the drones.

    * The duke’s ultimate was more of a negative than a perk. When you use it you roll around and the screen is blurry and stuff so it is very disorienting. I didn’t really want to play with the new drone. The primary weapon needs work. I think a bigger hit box and new visuals would make a substantial difference.

    A bunch of stuff from last week still applies. But we are working on it 🙂

    Many thanks to our returning players !!!
    See you next Sunday.

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