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Bug – couldn't fire weapons

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    Duncan Bell

    Hey there,

    Participated in the latest BAD Sunday.

    I couldn’t fire my left or right weapons.
    Minigun took forever to spin up before that.

    Link to log.txt:



    Hey Duncan,

    Thanks man so here is the low down. The right button weapon rail gun is broken (I suspect you have that one). The minigun spins faster before it shoots, clearly we need to rethink that since it made you think it was broken.


    Duncan Bell

    The minigun did take a while to spin up and fire.

    It worked the first time, but after a while it wouldn’t work at all. The minigun would spin up but never fire.



    I will chat to the team tomorrow, think what we might do is make it fire slowly and speed up it’s fire rate as the spin picks up will make it more obvious it’s working while not removing the game-play element of the spin up too much.

    Not sure why it didn’t fire after the first time will investigate your logs for a bug tomorrow.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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