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    Hey hey,
    I had some feedback that I wanted to share with the community and the other devs:

    1) The performance on the shark is not great. Especially when looking in the direction of the rest of the level.

    2) The volume settings doesn’t seem to work. If I set the master volume to 0 there is still drone sounds and ambiance that could be heard.

    3) The players seemed to all spawn in the same area of the map. This made combat a bit chaotic. It also mean’t that some players were waiting in the spawn area to quickly kill someone with rockets as soon as they spawned.

    4) The minigun needs some sort of indication of when its about to kick in and fire. A sound or UI indication could work. The problem was that I didn’t know exactly when I would be able to shoot.

    5) At the moment there isn’t any reason to go out and explore the rest of the map.

    I will do my best to address some of these issues before next week
    See you then,

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