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    Hello again,

    Yesterday was a lot of fun for me. It was nice to see players from the last BAD Sunday return and is a massive motivator for me personally.

    I have identified some things I think the team should work on :

    1) The screenshake direction should be based on the direction the damge came from.

    2) The Shields first person effect should be improved. I will look into some soft of post process we could add on top of the textures to make it stand out.

    3) There is a bug where we all spawn on top of each other. This needs to be fixed.

    4) I experiences what I assume to be server lag. The symptoms are that some AIs and players don’t respond and they move in a very jitery way. This might also be that the players internet is laggy and thus the AI running on their machine is also laggy.

    5) Tesla coil felt a bit OP.

    6) Shark drone has a performance problem which I will fix this week.

    Most of this feedback were echoed by the other players and devs. So we should be able to tackle these by next week. Thanks again to everyone who played.


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