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    BADsunday #18
    oops, something big broke and seems to have caused a cascade of bugs, happy to hear it was still fun though.
    here are my notes:
    1. spawning – everyone spawned on-top of each other, which resulted in lots of death, and sneaky devs exploiting the duzzy’s super shield, shhh don’t tell anyone…
    2. Volume controls broke… again (time for a audio manager :P)
    3. tesla beam – Kobus made it look cool (yay Kobus) but it left some artefacts, will be fixed next week, promise.
    4. Occasionally got sucked back into a match that has already been finished, this poped up the spawn screen with no drones, exiting out of it sometimes broke the camera which caused the screen-clear issue, oops…
    5. Occasionally got awarded multiple times for one kill, up to 4 times in some instances, this caused some record match times.
    6. we need many audio cues for when a match is found etc.
    7. the AI remains blind… serious head-scratcher
    8. we need to provide feedback on the ready/spawn screen
    9. Much BALANCE is required, the tesla beam is very OP

    Some tips for the noobies:
    – Keep moving, and learn to aim while strafing. strafing effectively is the number one skill you need to master to be good at BAD 😛
    – Lead your targets, most of the weapons have travel time
    – Use you drone’s special ability (spacebar) as much as you can
    – Stick to the Duzzy while learning how to play, the Duzzy comes with a super shield as it’s special ability, enabling that in big fights (or when a dev has your number) can really extend your survivability
    – keep your secondary weapon stocked up in case of emergency
    – There is no honour in dying, and no shame in running away, choose your fights!

    Thanks to everyone whom came to test with us! much appreciated, as is all the feedback 😀 hope to shoot you all next week!

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