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    Heavens Gates

    I was taking part in BAD Sunday and I ran into a bug two times where when the match started I was unable to spawn my drone.
    Otherwise, the few games that I could play was very enjoyable!
    Lastly, I just want to ask if there is somewhere I can get updates on the BAD Sundays or do I get emails every week?




    Unable to Spawn:
    Yes there were issues with the network…
    We all had problems joining a game. Some games took up to 5 minutes to join.
    Sometimes we had to reload the game completely.
    They are aware and looking into it.

    Comms are always via Email for BAD Sundays.
    In the Email, there are also links to their FB Page, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen in the email, but they also have a Discord Channel.
    Many Gamers use this for Live Chats during Games.
    It helps with “in the moment” comments and issue notifications during Beta Testing.



    Heavens Gates

    Thank you for the response RaveWolf,
    I did suspect they have a discord but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Could you maybe link me to the channel?



    Hi Heavens Gates,
    Welcome 😀 Thanks for posting your feedback, we really do appreciate all feedback even if we are already aware of it.
    I will make sure you are added to the mailing list, you should be able to join it from but that might be down right now, will check. The mail we send includes the link to discord.

    Thanks for catching this RaveWolf 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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