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    1) No Option to Select Drone after round ends – This happened a few times but haven’t found a Common cause.
    No Drones
    2) With (1) above… also unable to Escape… Had to press Esc a few times to get out.
    3) Unable to Esc while in “Finding Match” screen.
    4) Kills displayed on top right of screen after a kill shows multiple times for a single kill.
    5) Initial start of round spawns all players on top of each other.
    6) Had one occurrence of a Ghost Drone, the round ended before I had a chance to see who.
    7) Overlapping Menus… Happened twice I think.
    Overlapping Menus

    1) I also found it very hard to move around… I have played with the settings but still need to tweak it a bit. It would be nice if there was an up/down spinner to adjust the settings as using the mouse is difficult to fine tune.
    2) Aiming!… purely a case of spin, yaw, pitch shoot and pray! 😀
    3) Devs!! Give us at least 5 seconds to test a round before destroying us 😛
    4) Six kills (especially with veteran Devs playing) is way too little to give it a fair testing.

    Got very frustrated with the first round of each game, but all in all, still enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to next weekend.


    Update: Very Important!!
    How do I update my Avatar in this Forum. Cheers. 😛

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    Hey RaveWolf,

    wow nice feedback! thanks 😀
    yeah we had some pretty strange things happening this weekend, seems a bunch of things went wrong, though I suspect they have the same root cause.
    Sorry if I’m mean in game 😛 the secret is to keep strafing, I will play more docile in future though.

    I believe the forums use Gravatars (
    Awesome seeing you play again, see you next week 😀

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