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Release Manager Tutorials - Celestial Games

Release Manager Tutorials

Below you will find a collection of tutorials for Release Manager.

Tutorial Description
Activating Release Manager How to upgrade your Release Manager free trial to the full version
System Overview This is where you can learn all about Release Manager’s different components and how they interact. It is not critical you know all of this but it will help you learn how to use Release Manager.
Project Creation This is where you can learn how to create a new project and what to consider.
Configuring FTP Before you can start uploading your releases you will need to set up and configure the round trip FTP → HTTP path. It sounds far more complicated than it is. This short tutorial will help you with that configuration.
Your first version This will teach you how to create your first version and compile and upload it.
Design your Launcher You will learn how to design and upload your launcher.
Packaging for Windows This will teach you everything you need to know to package your application for windows 32 and 64.
Upgrading and releasing a new version This will teach you how to add a new version and take it live.
Integration with Unity Here you will learn how to add the Unity prefab to your project and what it does for you.
Freehosting Tutorial (Optional) A tutorial on setting up www.freehosting.com to work with Release Manager
Post Authentication A short description on how to set up and create a post solution. Server examples are in PHP.