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Release Manager - Celestial Games

What is Release Manager?

Release Manager is an all-in-one system to manage releases and updates for any software application, including games.



  • Makes releasing easy. Take the stress out of releasing updates.
  • Manages updates after release.
  • Package product installations as a complete solution. Deliver a single installation file to your end-users for ease-of-use
  • Works with any executable, be they games or regular applications, small or large, complex or simple.
  • Integrated SFTP and FTP support for uploading.
  • Amazon S3 support.
  • Creates small patches by processing the changes in files and folders, ensuring your end-users always receive the smallest possible download size.
  • Auto repairs corrupted installations. Even if your end-user deletes local files, Release Manager’s launcher can find and repair the local installation to ensure smooth operation.
  • WYSIWIG launcher designer – drop in images, buttons, html feeds any much more to customize your launcher to match your product.
  • Updateable launcher design: your launcher can change as often as your main software, so ensure your end-users are kept up-to-date.
  • Launcher updates itself automatically.
  • Manages online/offline status: take your application offline for testing or quality control.
  • Automatic patching and launching for unattended solutions.
  • Keep versions in sync or allow users to choose when to update. Give your end-users the choice; how the launcher behaves is up to you!


Works with Unity 3D

Release Manager was built initially to assist with the distribution and management of Battle Arena Drones. After we tried various other solutions we decided the only choice was to build our own.

Release Manager not only handles Unity products, it’s integrated well into Unity.


Unity Specific features

  • Unity integration (graphics settings).
  • Can replace the Unity Display Dialog.
  • Unity plugin.